Beyond Pay: an Inquiry into improving low-income employment

Based on findings from a BITC Inquiry supported by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, Beyond Pay calls on employers to take concerted action to improve low-paid employment.



The report recommends a comprehensive action plan focusing on six key areas:
  • Pay & Security – direct and thorough procurement; contract types and lengths, as well as pay
  • Line Management – facilitating access to support and opportunities
  • Communication – increasing take up of support and opportunities
  • Skills & progression – training and skills provision to perform and develop in role
  • Job design – effective structure and content of roles and responsibilities
  • Cost of living support – support with housing childcare, transport, debt etc. through employee benefits and advice

'Beyond Pay: An Inquiry into Improving Low-Income Employment’ calls on business leaders to develop a strategic approach to improving low-income employment, identifying immediate and long-term goals that respond to the increases in poverty, low productivity rates and growing skills shortages that the UK sees today.

Drawing on wide-ranging research and the expertise of 11 leading companies, including representatives from low-paying sectors such as support services, care, retail and hospitality, this report presents findings from an Inquiry conducted in spring and summer 2015. It identifies practical steps that businesses can take to improve employment for people on low incomes and aims to inform and inspire action by employers.

The report identifies six key areas for business action to improve low-income employment, going beyond pay alone. It includes case studies and practical examples of businesses taking action across these six areas.

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We would also like to hear from businesses for their views on the findings.

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