Making Scotland a world-leader in fair work

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BITC Scotland’s recommendations for Scotland’s Fair Work Action Plan based on a series of consultations across Scotland between September and November 2018.

In 2016 Scotland’s Fair Work Convention published a framework for fair work with a vision that Scotland would become a world-leader by 2025. To support this vision the Scottish Government committed to publishing an action plan by the end of 2018 setting out how business, government and civil society could work together to achieve this ambition. 
Business in the Community Scotland, as the voice of responsible business in Scotland, strongly supports this ambition and has produced this report to support the Scottish Government in the drafting of Scotland’s Fair Work Action Plan. 


Key findings
  • Clear communication of aspirational vision with unifying language.
  • Create a more inclusive approach to employment and progression
  • Change what we measure and prioritise to allow for fair work and inclusive growth
  • Normalise agile working
  • Look at skills training for all ages (older access to apprenticeships)