The Lens on removing the racial barriers to career success and enabling career opportunities for refugees

The Lens podcast
Richard Iferenta, partner, KPMG joins Mursal Hedayat, co-founder of Chatterbox, to talk about how companies can bring about change when it comes racial equality in the workplace.
Richard Iferenta is a partner at KPMG and chair of Business in the Community’s Race Leadership Team. He joins us this month to talk about his career and how companies can really bring about change when it comes racial equality in the workplace. He talks with Mursal Hedayat who was recently named as one of #Forbesunder30 thanks to her role as co-founder of Chatterbox, an online language school with a difference - all the teachers are refugees.
In this episode they talk about re-invention, in work and in life and what everyone can bring to the table. They also cover how employers can better support people from all ethnic backgrounds to succeed and the role that an organisation’s cultural intelligence plays in this.

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Time stamps:
00:01 Richard’s background from his beginnings in Nigeria through to his current role at KPMG
03:51 The Race at Work Charter and how setting targets and measuring progression can help move the dial towards racial equality
07:31 The importance of transparency and publishing your ethnicity pay gap externally as well as internally.
11:00 The difference an executive sponsor can make in driving organisational culture change
11:48 Mursal’s background as a refugee coming from Afghanistan to the UK and how her family’s experience has informed her current work
14:11 The scale of underemployment and scarcity of opportunities for highly-skilled refugees and the barriers to meaningful employment
15:47 How Chatterbox uses refugees professional experiences to match them with the right language learner so that they can offer their professional experience as well as language skills
20:34 The value of cultural intelligence
23:30 What companies can do to increase their cultural intelligence and make their organisational cultures more inclusive
32:49 Reinvention in the workplace
Key findings