The Lens on how individuals and businesses can be better prepared for a worst-case scenario

The Lens podcast
In this episode of The Lens, our host Oli Barrett talks to Stewart Steel, CEO of Sedgwick UK and Simon Crowther, Founder of Flood Production Studios.

They discuss how both individuals and businesses can be better prepared for worst-case scenarios, and how collaboration might just be the key element that is missing from their strategies.
If you have a business, and you are wondering if you would be ready for flooding, a cyber attack or a security breach, we have a free readiness test with simple questions and practical tips.

Time stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:10 If you could have coffee with anyone…
2:50 Simon Intro
            3:17 Simon’s personal journey
            7:06 Simon’s company today
            8:00 Who’s at risk of flooding
9:45 Stewart Intro
            10:03 What is Sedgwick
            11:10 Stewart’s personal journey
            12:20 How does it all work?
13:25 How to be ready
18:48 Stewart asks Simon about his next steps
19:59 Simon asks Stewart about his journey from a “one man show” to a large organisation
21:06 Personal resilience & being prepared
23:17 Cross-organisational collaborations our guests would like to see
26:40 Advice for your younger self
29:50 How do our guests want to collaborate more
33:10 Final thoughts

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