Scotland Closing the Education Gap Award, Winner, 2016

Michelin has a multifaceted approach to employability that is centred around enhancing skills in the local community to create opportunities for all, raising aspirations and improving people’s quality of life.

Michelin logoMichelin has been an employer and familiar name amongst Dundonians since its plant opened there in 1972. Currently producing 23,000 tyres every day - predominantly going to Europe but also India, China and the Americas - the company is now investing in its Dundee plant, building a new production line and warehouse.

The company realises it needs an educated and progressive local workforce to be successful in the city.  To achieve this it needs to raise aspirations and to impact on people’s quality of life. Dundee needs progressive employers to turn around some of its bleak poverty statistics and this has been Michelin’s focus in tackling educational inequality as part of a sustainable development strategy.

Increasing core skills

All of Michelin’s programmes aim to increase the core skills, confidence of and opportunities of individuals, benefiting the business, local community and those involved.

Examples of Michelin's work include its partnership with local secondary Braeview Academy, which shares a catchment area with the factory. Many employees are ex-pupils or have children at the school. Around 50 volunteers provide support and practical help for pupils, helping them improve their chances of gaining employment in the future through initiatives such as Paired Reading, Paired Numbers, Pupil Mentoring, Work Experience at S4 and Work Shadow for S5 & S6.

Along with an apprenticeship programme, the company also prides itself on its self-awareness programme, which allows individuals to strengthen their competencies - for example, allowing people who may not have flourished at school to be successful in their own right. The company has very low staff turnover rates of 4%, and positive and competitive recruitment uptake.

Worthy winners of this Award, Michelin has a multifaceted approach to employability that is centred around enhancing skills to create opportunities for all in the community.

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