Kingspan Insulated Panels

Good for business
The Wales Responsible Large Business of the Year Award, 2017, Shortlisted
  • Low employee turnover – through a combination of incentive and engagement programmes, the turnover rate at the Holywell site is around 11%, well below the UK average (15%)
  • Saving money – the investment in energy production is good for the environment and bottom line, with around 15GWh saved, contributing around £700,000 to profit
  • External recognition – through positive public relations and media coverage, Kingspan has continued to build its reputation as a responsible business, also achieving recognition through various 3rd party award programmes

Kingspan Insulated Panels is a leading global manufacturer of advanced building envelope systems and solutions for the creation of high performing, energy efficient buildings. Based in Holywell, North Wales, it is the biggest division within the Kingspan Group.

With a specialism in the field of building management and energy efficiency, Kingspan is creating responsible products and services for sale; but it also uses its knowledge to be a responsible business itself. Kingspan pushes itself – across the Group, but very much so at the site in North Wales – to minimise the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes and is on track to achieve its own stretching target of Net Zero Energy by 2020. Kingspan works with communities, customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders to embed the business case for being a sustainable – and responsible – business.

A commitment across the Kingspan Group – and practiced at every level of the organisation – drives activity at the Holywell site. Through a combination of internal assessment and 3rd party benchmarking, Kingspan measures the social, economic and environmental impacts of each of its manufacturing sites. The seventh report of this kind will be published in 2017. This Sustainability Report informs business planning and sets targets for the business. By pushing themselves and taking a data-driven approach, Kingspan can see where it is achieving and what needs to be done next. 

These targets and commitments are communicated widely and effectively across the group and a significant investment is made into briefing colleagues on the company’s goals and targets; and what role they play in meeting them. By working with colleagues through incentivisation schemes and engagement opportunities like volunteering or community impact programmes; Kingspan in North Wales has a very low staff turnover rate. Furthermore, the site in North Wales (which is the biggest division within the Group) have successfully deployed their own technology back into the business – helping them to create green energy on-site, reducing their environmental impact, sending zero waste to landfill and boosting the bottom line. 

With an impressive commitment at a strategic group level, Kingspan are pushing the sustainability – and responsible business – agenda throughout all parts of their business, into their supply chain and community. For Kingspan, being sustainable is responsible.

What Kingspan’s Managing Director said:

“We have a duty of care, not just to provide our customers with good products and our shareholders with a good return, but also to look after our employees, our environment and local communities. We are stewards for the future and it is our mission to keep sustainability at the heart of our operations. In doing so, we have been able to reduce emissions, reduce waste and improve efficiency. We find it easier to recruit and retain the best employees and to build last relationships with our customers. The benefits are clear, including a positive impact on our bottom line.”Phil Smith, Managing Director, Kingspan Insulated Panels UK & Ireland

Good for society
  • Zero waste to landfill – this is a commitment that is embedded across Kingspan and embodied at the site in North Wales. In the last reporting period over 32,000 tonnes of materials were recycled.
  • Energy producer – the Holywell site is a net producer of energy, with solar PVs and wind turbines on-site, the production facility successfully offsets its carbon emissions by creating green energy
  • Working locally – a commitment to working with local community groups, schools and local suppliers builds relationships on the ground and across Kingspan’s supply chain