The Government's 25 Year Environment Plan

Business in the Community welcomes the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan, launched by the Prime Minister last week as a cross Governmental strategy with strong links to the Industrial and Clean Growth Strategies. Having a 25-year plan acknowledges that we need a comprehensive change programme, beyond one Government’s term of office, while the clear references to the opportunity to reshape legislation, regulation and incentives as we leave the EU, with a firm commitment to ensuring that the process enables the UK to be a global leader in environmental protection set a healthy level of ambition. 

The strong focus on innovative and collaborative approaches to our shared challenges is important. Healthy communities with successful businesses at their heart depend on a flourishing environment.  From the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink to the buildings we occupy, from the energy that powers our world, the infrastructure we rely on to the green spaces we enjoy. Business in the Community’s Environment Programme focuses on how collaborative action can contribute to creating a flourishing environment, through ‘smart growth’ – finding new ways to create commercial, social and economic value by tackling pressing environmental challenges.

We were delighted that our projects on water resilient cities and supporting food supply chains with environmental stewardship were included as examples of what is possible.  Responsible business is at the heart of this approach and we are increasingly seeing business tapping into the value that solving environmental challenges presents.  The ambition to reconnect people, particularly young people with the environment, reinforcing the role of a healthy environment in addressing social justice and improving health outcomes.  This moves environment to the heart of tackling social challenges, which is reflected in our Pride of Place strategy, where we are working collaboratively with businesses and other stakeholders to bring the power of responsible business to show how ‘smart growth’ can create real opportunities for people and places. 

Being the generation to leave the environment better than we found it is both possible and full of opportunity.  We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with Government, our members, and partner organisations to build the details underneath the plan and find innovative ways to ensure that the ambition becomes a reality.    

For more information on our Environment strategy, please contact Gudrun Cartwright, Environment Director. For information on Pride of Place, please contact Jane Pritchard, Enterprise and Culture Director.