Mental health affects everyone directly or indirectly; share your experiences on Mental Health

Louise Aston, Business in the Community Wellbeing Director encourages everyone to take the Mental Health at Work survey as mental health effects everyone. 

Since our first annual mental health at work survey in 2016 we have seen slow incremental progress but there’s still a long way to go.  

Help us build on this momentum by taking part in our third national mental health at work 2018 survey, in conjunction with Mercer, by sharing your experiences.

Launching today, our survey, in conjunction with Mercer, is a unique collaboration. Mental health is an extremely crowded marketplace and can be confusing. Business in the Community is in the unique position to convene business and collaborate with national partners; CIPD, ILM, Mind, Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health at Work, OUTstanding and The Work Foundation to collectively improve mental health at work.

By listening to employees, survey findings will inform recommendations agreed with our partners to feature in our 2018 Mental Health at Work report to be launched in October.

Mental health affects everyone directly or indirectly. Three out of every five (60%) employees have experienced mental health issues due to work or where work was a related factor.

We know there is a disconnect between how well senior leaders think they are doing in relation to mental health and the reality of what the most employees are actually experiencing. In 2017, 84% of managers accepted that employee wellbeing as their responsibility yet less than a quarter (24%) had received any training in mental health. Worryingly, in 15% of cases where employees disclosed a mental health issue to a line manager, the employee subsequently became subject to disciplinary procedures, demotion or dismissal. Even more shockingly, this figure has doubled since the 2016 survey and we want to find out if this trend is continuing and the reasons why.

We need a diverse range of people to complete the Mental Health at Work 2018 survey to give the best picture of what is happening in UK workplaces today. We will analyse the results intersectionally to look at age, gender, race and for the first time, shine a spotlight on the experience of LGBT+ colleagues because we should all be thinking about mental health from the perspective of different people to truly understand it.  Businesses should encourage all their employees and stakeholders to complete the survey and individuals should complete and share the survey with their peer networks. The very act of talking openly about the survey, fuels conversations about mental health.

The findings from the survey will be promoted by the Business in the Community and our national partners highlighting practical actions that employers can take to improve employee mental health.