Ready for Work

Drawing on the experience of delivering the Ready for Work programme, Business in the Community is working across the UK on projects that support people facing disadvantage to enter good quality employment.
Read the BITC summary of the breakout session from Business in the Community's Employment Summit 2016.
Business in the Community's Employment Summit will help business leaders and practioners navigate the changing employment landscape as responsible employers.
Ready for Work offers businesses a structured means to support some of society’s most disadvantaged, socially isolated and vulnerable people back on their feet and into work whilst making solid business sense for all companies involved.
Before Ready for Work, Ray was living in a hostel, and struggling to find the motivation to continue with his job search. Now, inspired by his buddy and mother-figure Sonia, he's supporting others to find employment through the programme.
Leo had been unemployed for 12 years before he found the Ready for Work programme. When his housing association told him about the support he could get through Business in the Community, things started to change for the better.
Shamyla, Assistant Manager at KPMG and Ready for Work client, Sharon, may seem to have little in common, but for the last five months they’ve been meeting weekly to check emails, edit CVs and apply for jobs. Earlier this month, we got in touch to find out what they think about job coaching.
Helping people overcome disadvantage by increasing access to sustainable employment.
By creating opportunities for people to overcome disadvantage and enter employment, businesses give individuals the chance to live independently and contribute to the prosperity of their local communities.