Youth Employment

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Taz Virdee is the Training Officer for the YMCA in west London. To date, he has referred 141 of his clients to Business in the Community's national programme Ready for Work; he takes us through a normal day.
20 year old Zola now works part-time as a Customer Assistant at Marks & Spencer. He is also going to college, studying Maths and English. He is “happy working in retail and would like to see if [he] can progress.” But before October 2012, Zola's prospects seemed bleak.
Simon, a former rough sleeper from London, writes about his experiences of Ready for Work.
Ben (not his real name) writes about how he became involved with Get Ready! and the difference it made to his life.
We can help you to build a programme through which you can make a long-term difference to the care leavers - some of the UK's most disadvantaged young people - in your local area.
Contact the national team to discuss how we can best help you to tailor our programme frameworks to support care leavers through your business. Or if you are in the Nottingham area, you can contact the local team there to discuss RISE
Through RISE we work with businesses to help care leavers to access the opportunities on offer to them, by providing tailored training and one-to-one support.
This report describes some of the benefits to business of supporting the employment of people from disadvantaged groups, using evidence from companies engaged in BITC programmes.