This short factsheet supports employers to remove jargon and technical language from their job descriptions.
Young people with no experience of recruitment processes are at a significant disadvantage compared to more experienced candidates. This factsheet will help you put young people on an equal footing with older, more experienced candidates.
The apprenticeship system is being radically reformed, but the steps you need to complete to employ an apprentice will remain broadly the same. This guide highlights stages in the process that will be affected by the changes.
This toolkit contains best practice guidance for employers on how to make jobs attractive and accessible for all young people
Following the announcement today by the Ministry of Justice that they will be extending temporary release for prisoners to help them return to the workforce after their release, Business in the Community have issued the follow announcement.
Back in August 2016, Dermot took an overdose. A series of events led to him sleeping on the streets of Blackpool and making his way to Manchester where, with the help of several charities, he was able to turn things around.
Sodexo is one of the UK’s largest food services and facilities management companies, with a 34,000 strong workforce in the UK alone. The company has made a commitment to improve the quality of life for all UK staff with a target of reaching 68% employee engagement by 2025.
This action plan will help your business take practical steps to improve work for your lowest-paid employees.