Enterprise growth

Creating jobs and vibrant communities by supporting small local businesses.

Industry and the economy has changed extensively in Britain and while some areas of the UK have benefited, many local communities have suffered with unemployment, loss of local businesses, as well as declining standards and aspirations.

Our ambition is for business to remove barriers to small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them grow and create jobs leading to sustainable local economies and vibrant communities.

Eight ways your business can take action on enterprise


Support and advise small businesses to help them grow


Improve your payment terms for SMEs and adopt the practice of paying on time


Encourage your partners and other businesses you work with to adopt positive working practices with small businesses


Source your goods and services from local businesses


Offer feedback on tenders from small businesses so they know what to do next time


Sponsor a local networking organisation or organise a small business networking event


Make a public pledge about your commitment to SMEs, demonstrating and influencing responsible business


Measure the impact of your dealings with SMEs and how small businesses have performed

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