Environment & Sustainability

Our environment and sustainability agendas encourage innovative and transformational change in the core business.  Our programmes focus on building a one planet economy that delivers lasting prosperity through the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals).

The Responsible Business Map identifies three Smart Growth priorities for Business in the Community's environmental agenda:

Meanwhile, our Global Goals agenda works with multinational companies to demonstrate that mainstreaming sustainability and responsible business as part of their core business model is the best route to commercial success and the delivery by 2030 of the Global Goals.

The Global Goals Leadership Team champions and quantifies the business and societal benefits of: 

  • Business model innovation: mainstreaming sustainability as an integral part of the business model
  • Purpose: a continued focus on developing more Purpose-Driven Brands and business
  • Community investment: providing global context, relevance and connectivity for sharing the best in Community Investment innovations

Operationally, the team helps bring this to life through the International Disaster Relief programme.  

The UN Global Goals require each sector to identify its own route map and unique contribution towards 2030. BITC will be increasing its engagement on a sectoral basis as one key way of encouraging innovation and impact.  Business in the Community's sustainability partnership with the global hotel industry (ITP) is a leading example of this approach, and has already agreed ambitious sector-wide goals for 2030 in 4 areas:

  • Carbon
  • Water
  • Youth employment
  • Human rights