Campaigns & Programmes

The enormous economic, social and environmental issues that are challenging today’s business models means leaders have to find new and imaginative ways to respond and change the way they operate. Business as usual is not an option.
Responsible business is about how a business makes its money, not just how it spends its profit. It is about managing growth responsibly while reducing dependency on natural resources. It is about how business operates as an employer, supplier and customer, and how as a neighbour, it can help to create vibrant communities where people can flourish.

We offer a range of practical ways for businesses to work together and take action to help tackle some of the key issues facing society.


Environment & Sustainability

Using our natural resources more sustainably.

Employment &


Ensuring that age, gender, health and race do not limit an employee’s engagement and success in the workplace.


Preventing social background predicting a young person's success at school and beyond.


Creating jobs and vibrant communities by supporting small local businesses.